Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Betrayed' by Lisa Scottoline

The focus is on Judy Carrier in "Betrayed," Lisa Scottoline's latest thriller. Judy is an associate in the Philadelphia law firm of Rosato & Associates. Bennie Rosato, Judy's boss, orders her to take on asbestos litigation that Judy believes is morally repugnant, and would most likely consume years of her time. In addition, Judy is deeply concerned about her beloved Aunt Barb, who is seriously ill. To top it all off, our heroine puts herself in harm's way while investigating the mysterious death of her aunt's closest friend.

"Betrayed" is a page-turner that hums with activity, with painful family squabbles, a long-buried secret revealed, and a series of violent confrontations. Judy is funny, impulsive, and stubborn. We cannot help but care about this woman of integrity, who does not hesitate to risk her own safety to help others. At least Judy knows that her Aunt Barb and Mary DiNunzio, a partner at her firm, will always be squarely in her corner.

Scottoline has fun putting her characters through their paces and readers will enjoy the wild ride. It is heartening to learn that the brilliant Bennie Rosato has achieved spectacular success in her field. Unfortunately, she is growing impatient with Judy's increasingly erratic behavior. Bennie does not seem to realize that Judy is beginning to question whether her job is as fulfilling as she would like it to be. Judy's love life is also on a downhill slide; she wonders if Frank, her goodhearted but immature boyfriend, is the right man for her. Readers will root for Judy to get a handle on her problems and will sympathize with her when a surprising revelation leaves her stunned. "Betrayed" is entertaining and engrossing throughout, and fans will be eager to see what further challenges await our intrepid trio--Judy, Bennie, and Mary--in the future.

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