Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review: 'The Bear's Secret Baby' by Aria Chase

New author Aria Chase made her publishing debut with BEARLY BREATHIING and from the subtitle we can rest assured that she plans a series she is calling EMERALD CITY SHIFTERS of which POLAR BOND was the second installment and THE BEAR’S SECRET BABY is the third book. Aria writes steamy paranormal romances and this new book is brief but sound and pungent.

Even as Spring is with us, the cold of the winter is still very much a memory, one that Aria creates on her first page – ‘Shayla shivered faintly as the first sight of the island appeared in the mist the closer the boat drew to it. It looked ominous, though she supposed that was more to do with her own perception based on what Lila had told her, and the boat captain’s reaction when she’d asked him to give them a ride to the island. He’d seemed to regard her as crazy and had tried to talk her out of coming there. The gruff old man came up behind her, as though her thoughts had summoned him. “That’s Bear Island,” he said in a rough tone. She nodded. “Yes, I thought it must be, since we’re heading right for it.” The island was unofficially named Bear Island, according to the captain, though it had no official name. Existing as part of the San Juan Islands chain in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, it was officially uninhabited. Apparently, Kade Lassiter and his people felt otherwise, because they had inhabited it for several generations, at least according to her sister Lila. “Are you sure about staying, Miss Dalton?” The captain scratched his white beard and sent her a look of disapproval. “Like I said, I won’t be back for another month with a delivery of supplies. I can’t promise you’ll be able to get off the island until then, and the people who live there aren’t exactly warm and friendly.”

Aria outlines the plot very well – ‘A Headstrong Woman’s Plea For Help - When Shayla Dalton’s sister turns her back on her newborn baby, Shayla steps in to raise the child as her own. But when little Aislinn comes down with a mysterious illness that no doctor can identify, the fiercely independent Shayla runs out of options. A visit to Bear Island — and the sexy, abrasive man who doesn’t even know his child exists — is their only hope. A Bear Shifter’s Battle for Custody - When Kade Lassiter is abandoned by his supposed mate, he swears off women forever. But when his ex’s sister — beautiful, headstrong Shayla — shows up with a sick baby girl that she says is his child, he knows he’ll do anything in his power to protect Aislinn. And that means keeping her with him on Bear Island, where she belongs — whether Shayla likes it or not. A Child’s Life Hanging In The Balance - Their contentious custody battle is complicated by their undeniable hunger for each other. But when Aislinn’s shifter DNA ends up in the wrong hands, Kade and Shayla have a choice to make. Can set their selfish desires aside to come together and fight for Aislinn’s rights — and her life? And will Kade be able to accept his feelings for Shayla and give true love another chance?’

Another fine paranormal/shifter novel from Aria Chase, and nice to know this is but one volume of her series – a comfortable length and involvement for an evening’s entertainment and stimulation. Grady Harp, May 17

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