Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Be Mine' by Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is a new author who has already published six books this year! Her genre is racy naughty chick lit and in that realm she excels. Her alpha males are strong enough to make the hard decision in life but sweet enough to melt for his mate.

Lauren’s casual manner of introducing her characters is evident from the opening pages - “Damn Lucas, this is one hell of a party.” I clapped Marcus on the back as I hugged him to me. It had been too long since I had seen him. “Glad you could make it Marcus. I didn’t think you were going to come. Where is your old lady at?” Marcus had a look on his face that told me that she wasn’t with him. She had issues with this lifestyle and I was almost surprised that she had even let him come down for it. I never thought I would see Marcus listening to a woman, but he loved Angela and I was happy for them both. I missed one of my best enforcers though. He knew that he always has a job if he wants it, but I had a feeling that I was only going to see him when Angela let him come. “Well Angela is always welcome here.” “After what happened with the Arc Angels, I don’t think she is going to come back to New Orleans. I have told her that it is safe, but she isn’t trying to hear it.” It was strange to hear him talk like that. There was something so weird to hear one of my best men talk like that. He was in love. That was for sure. I swear there was something going around lately.’

And as Lauren unfolds another fun erotic story about another Bad Boy – ‘She’s off limits. Way off limits. She thinks that I will just let her walk away. What she doesn’t know is how much her body makes it impossible. I couldn’t get the fiery redhead off my mind. I was wrong. I will pay for p**sy. The problem is I don’t know if once will be enough. I have never been to one of these things before. Are these girls really willing to give up their innocence? Men like me don't want a relationship. Too much drama when women are a dime a dozen. I would rather hear them all scream my name, then stick with one. I always get bored. And walk away. I never have the same woman twice. But damn if those emerald eyes and pouty lips didn’t make me break all of the rules. I wanted her all to myself. I had to own her. Body and soul. Was that for sale as well?’

Fun, naughty, erotic and a fine evening's read. Grady Harp, June 17

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