Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Albaterra Mates' by Ashley L. Hunt

Colorado author Ashley L Hunt earned her degree in Philosophy at The University of Colorado. She lives in Denver where she creates stories with heroes with great strengths, physical and mental, and pairs them with strong heroines who test their limits, in the end finding deep, passionate love.

Science fiction is an acquired taste – and that taste seems to have infused the entire globe as books and television shows and games and movies all fight for top place in this genre. Ashley has her hand solidly in this realm, having published four series of books that deal with aliens peppered with erotica. She started a new series – ALBATERRA MATES – and now offers the full six novels in that series in a set.

Ashley knows how to launch a series about life on another planet that includes a visit from an earthborn creature whose presence creates the change in atmosphere the new planet poses) the new planet is of course Albaterra). She opens the stage for her main characters with some preparatory background so that when the new soon to be lovers meet we are aware of shat they bring to the encounter.

To date she delivers REX, DUKE, DANE, LOKOS, KHREL and ZURAN. Though the themes of her alien romances are similar in style, each story steps up the action (and erotic) and makes the full set of six well worth reading in sequence.

Now watch for the complete ALIEN ADVENTURE series. Ashley knows her audience and s out to please. Grady Harp, August 17

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