Thursday, September 21, 2017

Book Review: '131 Boredom Busters and Creativity Builders For Kids' by Jed Jurchenko

Author Jed Jurchenko is a seminary professor, therapist, as well as author. His books include HEALING, GROWING AND LIVING WELL, COFFEE SHOP INSPRATIONS, 131 MORE CREATIVE CONVERSATONS FOR COPLES, 131 CONVERSATIONS FOR STEPFAMILY SUCCESS, and 131 CREATIVE CONVERSTIONS FOR FAMILIES. As he has stated, ‘I'm passionate about helping overwhelmed Christ-followers apply key ideas from the Bible and psychology to their everyday lives, so they can rise above their challenges and live with joy. As someone who has overcome many obstacles, he knows what it's like to experience life's storms. I also know that it is possible to experience a bright future on the other side. In all the books that I write, you will find a mixture of honesty, humor, practical advice, and hope! I am licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, college professor, former children's pastor, and camp counselor.’

Jed has a reader friendly manner of writing and divides this book of guiding children into creative play and healthy growth into the sections The Power of Play, Ingredients of an Awesome Childhood, Flexing Creativity at Home, Boredom Busters & Creativity Builders, and Living Creatively. Or as he states, ‘My greatest take away from this adventure is a better understanding of just how creative our children can be. I wish you many boredom busting and highly creative adventures in the days ahead!’

The descriptor of the book shares the contents well – ‘Kids are busier than ever. These boredom busters and creativity builders will help you transform your family from overly scheduled and hyper-entertained to connected and content with the simple joys of life. The activities in this book can be done alone, with siblings, or together as a family. This makes them perfect for rainy days, family nights, and any time your children require a creativity boost. This is not a book of costly, highly sophisticated projects, which require an advanced degree in parenting. Instead, these straightforward ideas require little planning and encourage your kids to make the most of the supplies they already have at home. Some activities are especially engaging. Others encourage increased responsibility. While the third category stretches the imagination. Parents will gain new insights into the healing power of play, learn to let go of parenting guilt, and discover why free time is a secret ingredient to an awesome childhood. Children will simply have a blast as they bust boredom and expand their imaginations along the way!’

Very helpful and satisfying little book well worth reading and following Jed’s wise counseling. Grady Harp, September 17
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book

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