Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Interview: What can America learn from California's immigration crisis? The Remembrance Project explains

This is the third of four articles spanning my discussion with Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng. Read the first and second articles.
Story by Joseph Ford Cotto
After several years on the back burner, serious talk about enforcing immigration law finally returned – thanks to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. With his election, executive-level action was at long last taken. (Read more here)

Joseph Ford Cotto: California has emerged as the citadel of opposition to Trump's administration. The Golden State's government has dedicated itself to countering his policies and a viable secessionist movement is gaining steam there. With regard to the ramifications of immigration policy, what can the rest of the country learn from this?

Maria Espinoza and Tim LyngFirst, California has been co-opted by some of the most leftist politicians in the country, made possible by the liberal progressive views of voters in the major metropolitan areas of LA and San Francisco, while those outside of this major voting block are much more conservative.  By virtue of their prominence, these city and county leaders delight in having a large media stage upon which to spread their anti-American, pro-illegal alien rhetoric, giving Californians and other Americans a distorted view of reality.  

Second, California, because of its “welcome all”, its unlawful “Sanctuary” policy, and burgeoning welfare statism policies, is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Taxes are sky high. Its citizens and businesses are “self deporting” from California in record numbers.  

Third, the people of California will never secede. Period.  Not that many of us would mind who live in states that are fiscally conservative.  At least then we could keep lunatics, such as Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and all of his leftist Hollywood friends out of America.   

Cotto: California is a proud salad bowl, meaning that its people generally reject assimilation for Balkanization along cultural, and effectively ethno-racial, lines. It has seen a degree of immigration which stands out even by post-1965 American standards. Beyond any other factor, how has mass immigration made Californian politics so adversarial and detached from national trends?   

Espinoza and Lyng: The leftist power mongers running California, as well as the loud-mouthed, narcissistic Hollywood elite, are by far the most intolerant and prejudiced of all Americans, in my view.  They welcome immigrants and illegal aliens from other cultures so that they can enjoy lower waged servants and landscapers to take care of the multi-million dollar fortresses, fully-walled-off from their adoring fans.   They are, with no exceptions who come to mind, completely uneducated in the Constitution and what it means to ordinary Americans to protect what so many have died to protect.  These elements also want the rest of us to see them in a compassionate light.  What they themselves do not understand is that they have become detached from reality, believing they hold a higher moral ground, while proving by their superiority mindset that they are neither “connected” with ordinary citizens, nor are they truly sympathetic toward others.  Too much to explain here, but maybe later.

Fortunately, hundreds of millions of decent Americans seem to be ignoring them. 

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