Friday, August 18, 2017

Commentary: Who is willing to call out the 'anti-fascists' (Bolsheviks) that swap free speech for violence?

Monday night, August 14, members of something called the “Workers’ World Party”—a radical Communist group—pulled down and smashed the statue to Confederate soldiers that stood for nearly a century on the court house lawn in Durham, North Carolina. Video shows the demonstrators screaming hysterically, holding signs blasting what they called “white racism” and calling President Trump a “Nazi.” As the statue came down, ugly and obese looking womyn and scraggly screaming young white men gleefully jumped up and down on it, kicked it, shouting “black lives matter” and various profane slogans about white people in general and President Trump, in particular. “Long live the Socialist Revolution!” “Smash white oppression!” and “Workers unite to overthrow fascism!” were their watch words. Then, after this act of sheer violence and, yes, pure hatred, these demonstrators proceeded to march towards the Durham police department, where they finally dispersed.
The Durham Police did nothing, and, indeed, just like the police in Charlottesville, they appeared to stand down; they did nothing to protect the statue which stood on public property. Later the mayor (who is black) and left-leaning city officials stated, lamely, that since the statue was on county property they had no real authority…now, can you imagine if the statue had been of Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks or Barack Obama, that those defenders of public order would have offered such a patently inane excuse, no matter on which piece of public property it stood? Can you imagine a Durham city policeman traveling out in Durham County and seeing a crime—that is what the statue destruction was—occurring, and saying to himself: “I’m a city deputy and I’m in the county,  so, sorry, none of  my business! Go ahead and have at it!” Is this what our constabulary has been reduced to? Or, is it rather the servile inaction—and not-so-secret desires—of the leftist city fathers of Durham at work, who projected a wink-and-a-nod at these rampaging Marxist hooligans?
Those violent protesters, those violent Marxists in Durham, broke North Carolina law, and not just through public vandalism. Since 2015 North Carolina has had on the books a Monuments Protection Act which makes it a crime to take down or destroy or damage such an historical monument on public property. Will the authorities in Durham and Durham County now pursue, as they are obligated to do, those felons who committed the violence and inflicted the damage to protected public property?
I’m not willing to bet money on it happening! Indeed, these same vicious, virulent and crazed revolutionary Marxists are already being celebrated by the Mainstream Media [MSM], and the utterly cowardly, feckless and complaisant Democrat governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, has already pledged to remove all Confederate statues…maybe he doesn’t know about the Monuments Protection law? Or, perhaps he is just playing to his increasingly hysterical and unleashed base, which continues to spiral out of control to the extreme Left?
All of this fits into a larger picture, including the events in Charlottesville this past weekend.  Of course, the taking of a human life is wrong and should be condemned and prosecuted. Certainly it will. But the larger issue here is that for months and months the extremist Left—the violent Black Lives Matter folks—the so-called “antifa” anti-fascists—the “resist Trump” nut cases—the assembled shrieking feminists—the sickening Hollywood elites—these individuals and groups have engaged in a steady stream of profane and violence-inducing rhetoric and vitriol,  vicious physical attacks, arson and burning down of entire neighborhoods, rampaging on various campuses chasing out any opposing views, and even an assassination attempt by one of their number (on various GOP congressmen, including Representative Steve Scalise).
But, just where were those same pundits and politicians then, where were their tortured jeremiads decrying Leftist “violence” and “hate” then?  Where are the stern condemnations of those actions by Joe Scarborough (MSNBC) and Chris Cuomo (CNN) or anyone on CBS, ABC, NBC, and even, for the most part, on Fox?
For the last four days those newsmen and most politicians, including Republican senators like Rubio, McCain, Hatch, and others, and the entirety of the loathsome media—including, nauseatingly, Fox News—have done nothing but beat their collective breasts about “terror from the Right wing and white nationalists.” And they have demanded, absolutely insisted, that President Trump name specifically the “hate groups” involved in Charlottesville—but only those on “the right.”
Yesterday, the president was persuaded by his staff to name by name the KKK, neo-Nazis, and “white supremacists.” (If he were going to do this, he should have named the Leftists groups as well!) But even that statement does not satisfy the Mainstream Media and the collective political establishment, both Democratic AND GOP…because he did not say it immediately on Saturday. And what comes through loud and clear here is that Donald Trump could have appeared yesterday with Jesus Christ, Himself, seated by his side before the cameras declaring that the president acted exactly right…and the MSM would have most likely accused Him, too, of countenancing “racism,” “white privilege,” and sending a “dog whistle” to “white supremacists”!
What the president must realize—what we must continue to understand—is that there is nothing we can say, no evidence we can give of our “good will,” or our “bona fides,” or our rejection of Naziism, that will ever satisfy those Leftist minions and storm troopers of the Deep State. To quote a French socialist politician (Rene Renoult) of a century ago: “pas d’ennemis a gauche!” There are no enemies on the Left! The only enemies are on the “right,” that is, only those who stand in any way in opposition to the onrushing progressivist Revolution and the final victory of the Deep State and its total perversion and destruction of our historic Western and Christian culture.
Marco Rubio, Orrin Hatch, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Neoconservatives Charles Krauthammer, Steve Hayes (and his excuse for a “conservative publication,” The Weekly Standard), Rich Lowry (and his excuse for a “conservative publication,”National Review), etc., etc., ad nauseum, whether they understand it or not, buy into that narrative and, yes, serve as loathsome collaborators and enablers, willing or not, in the agonizing collapse of our culture and civilization.
The issue here is not really about a  physical statue to Robert E. Lee, or even one to that simple archetypal Confederate soldier in Durham. Rather, it is the sheer hatred, bordering on manic lunacy, that deep-seated evil—for that is what it is—directed against anything that reminds those minions of the Deep State of the Christian traditions and legacy of the West. The final destruction ofthat is their goal, their objective. Those monuments are just visible reminders of the culture and the history and the civilization and the faith that they despise, just as Donald Trump, for all his faults and probable lack of historical knowledge, is a symbol that, at least for a moment, their advancing Revolution was stymied last November.
No words, no apology, no explanation will satisfy those folks. They act as the demonic vanguard for something even more foul and despicable: a Revolution that seeks to overturn, in the words of the great poet William Butler Yeats (in his “The Second Coming”), “twenty centuries” during which “that Rocking Cradle” of Bethlehem restrained and held back that “slouching Beast” of Evil.

And thus one of the finest Christian soldiers and gentleman in all history as their target is entirely appropriate. For he represents all the goodness, wisdom, charity, Christian belief, and faithfulness that they reject. Lee and the society and culture that he epitomizes must be destroyed, their hatred must be fulfilled and satisfied, their Satanic passions must be screamed out like the yaws of the souls of the damned…for in the end the model and symbol of Lee literally scares the Hell out of them!

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