Thursday, August 17, 2017

Commentary: Law enforcement fiddles as Durham falls while neocons deplore Trump's honesty

There is much more on both Charlottesville and the destruction of the Confederate soldiers’ statue in Durham in the news, and certainly, most will have read these reports.
Belatedly, the Durham County Sheriff’s Department made an arrest of the most egregious perpetrator of the Durham vandalism whom they managed to identify through videos taken of the violent rampage by the hard-core Communist Workers’ World Party followers. In a press conference, the sheriff stated his policy: basically, his deputies stood down because—and this is stunning—he believed that if he ordered his men to protect public property (that is, the statue), that the extreme Marxists might have become violent and that someone might have gotten hurt!
Now, let me get this straight: is it not one of the roles of our law enforcement agents to protect public property? Isn’t that part of their solemn oath and commission? So, suppose a group of radical Communists gathered in front of the Vietnam Veterans’ memorial on the State Capitol grounds in Raleigh, and were intent on destroying it—should the local constabulary stand down because they fear that if they attempted to protect that public property, that monument, someone might “get hurt”? What about the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC? Jefferson was a slaveholder who believed in States’ rights; should the Federal police stand down if radical Communists attempted to destroy it because such protection might cause violence and someone might get hurt?
Is this the depth of inexcusable cowardice and supine stupidity that members of our law enforcement have reached?
Let me add: Durham, its mayor and its city council tack to the political left, and the constabulary may well have been acting as they thought their overlords in Durham wished them to act. But none of that justifies the outrageous inaction they exhibited.
On Tuesday night, perhaps in some way responding to the adverse reaction that the Durham Sheriff’s Department received—and richly merited—the sheriff had one identified Communist arrested, a black female student at North Carolina Central University who was filmed atop the monument fastening the pull-down strap. But it remains to be seen if other violent perpetrators of the vandalism, hooliganism, and destruction of public property will face arrest…and even then, if the leftist boobery in Durham and in its legal system will ever permit the culprits to receive anything but a suspended sentence, perhaps probation, or an insultingly small “fine.”
Let’s transition back to Charlottesville and the fact that it has, in many ways, torn the deceptive veil off the nauseatingly grinning faces of many of the Neoconservative pundits and establishment Republican politicians, revealing the incontrovertible fact that their essential worldview liesclearly on the Left.
On Tuesday, President Trump got it mostly right: he not only condemned those on the very extreme right who would commit violence, that is, self-proclaimed Nazis and Klan supporters, but he also laid much of the blame for what occurred in that beautiful university town at the feet of those who actually provoked it in the first place, those whom he labeled the “Alt-Left”—and, let us recall, who have been engaged in inflammatory and vitriolic language that has resulted in violence for months and years before Charlottesville.
The idea that somehow the president would equate those extremist “antifa” Marxists and anarchists, those Black  Lives Matter arsonists, those violent “resisters” and Communists—you know, those “peaceful demonstrators who only wanted to protest hate and bigotry”—with the god-awful “Alt-right” folks,  set off a firestorm in the media. How dare he! And, once again, those loathsome “fifth columnists,” those so-called “conservatives” and GOP elites, those feckless enablers of the advancing authoritarian progressivist Revolution, jumped into the melee, showed their true colors, and “got their panties all up in a wad.”
“Horrible when the prez equates the Nazis with those nice, peaceful counter-demonstrators…how can he?!” moaned the hapless Never Trumper Mitt (the Twit) Romney. And Marco Rubio chimed in solemnly, like a senile canine baying at the moon, “There is no equivalency between the extremist Right and those nice, model Americans who opposed them! Trump should be ashamed for condemning them.”
That is, for these “conservatives” and Republican “leaders” it is apparently okay, even admirable, for the Black Lives Matter arsonists, the revolutionary Communists, the violence-prone “antifa” Marxists and anarchists, the vile “resisters” (who have burned down whole neighborhoods in Ferguson, Baltimore, Berkeley, etc.), armed with baseball bats and flammable spray cans, for them to charge and provoke the also-armed Alt-right demonstrators defending themselves.
And thus Romney, Rubio, followed by the revolting Charles Krauthammer and a whole host of “neocon” pundits on Fox lashed out at the president. The Kraut went so far, in a sharp confrontation with Laura Ingraham, to declare that Trump—“in his heart”—favored racism and bigotry because he also condemned the extremists on the Left, too! Ingraham responded: “So, Charles, you’ve got a PhD in reading peoples’ hearts?”
Nor was that all: Rich Lowry, the pygmy-brained editor of the once-readable, now totally “neoconned” National Review, wrote furiously that all the Confederate monuments needed to come down. “Lee would have wanted that,” exhorted Lowry, who somehow was able to miraculously channel Robert E. Lee’s essential spirit one-hundred and forty seven years after the great general passed away! Lowry, by the way, defended Al Sharpton during the infamous Trayvon Martin case ( Lowry was dead wrong then, and has been consistently wrong since then.  But channeling Marse Robert?! Someone needs to call up the long-gone spirit of the famous medium reader, Madame Blavatsky—Helena, you’ve got competition from Rich Lowry!
But Lowry is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to richly illustrating the Leftist philosophical basis and essential origins of the Neocon/ “conservative” establishment amongst the flaring embers of Trotskyite Marxism, as well as the appallingly vacuous Republican political narrative, which at most, simply apes the saber-rattling slogans and nostrums of the Neocon Washington DC think-tanks, or the latest pseudo-conservatism spewed forth by The Weekly Standard. There are literally hundreds of recent examples in print, not to mention the contemptible defecated verbiage of the Kraut, or a Steve Hayes, or a Jonah Goldberg, or a Colonel Ralph Peters, or a Senator Jeff Flake, broadcast daily by Rupert Murdoch’s increasingly Left-leaning Fox News. Or, National Review’s David French who has viciously attacked all those “middle class” Trump voters, those unwashed “deplorables,” those “racist bigots” who live below the Mason-Dixon Line. Or, Dana Perino (the Bush administration hack), who just inferred that appeared to be “pro-Nazi.” And the narrative goes on…and on.
Our folks need to understand that with friends like these—with unappointed intellectual leaders like Lowry or the Kraut telling us what to think, with politicians like John McCain and Marco Rubio, et al, legislating for us—our cause, our deepest beliefs, our traditions, our very existence as a people is at real and dire risk. For they, in fact, do not stand with us. When the proverbial push comes to the inevitable shove, they go Left, they enable, and then they solemnly bless, the latest conquests and advances of the radical Left.
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