Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: 'Storm's Desire' by Sara York

Sara York lives in the southern United States and is a highly respected creative writer – one who can ‘shift’ from her popular paranormal romances of shifters as well as gay cowboy‘ romances and who knows where else. She penned a very popular series – the Colorado Heart Series – that totaled seven books, each book is stand alone, but the characters migrate through the series so that reading the entire group is the way to go. Now she sets foot in Texas and the steam is just as hot and the story as intriguing as any other she has penned.

Sara knows the importance of setting atmosphere early on and in this book she opens the door to this short but complex story as follows – ‘Storm Bennett steepled his fingers in front of his chin, tapping the edge of his index finger on his mouth. “Are you telling me we are losing money because of this one little bumble— this stupid little trivial manufacturing plant closing?” “Storm, the public doesn’t see it as a little bumble, they want the issue corrected. The little manufacturing plant employs three thousand people. And those three thousand people have made a big deal out of it and want you to make it right.” Michael, his longest-standing board member, sat two chairs away. A frown etched deep lines in his face, displaying his displeasure. Storm glanced at David, another member of the board, and noticed the lines across his brow too. His shoulders tensed and he felt like a huge weight had settled in his stomach. Storm couldn’t stay at the table facing the two men. Not once in the ten years he’d been in charge of Bennett Enterprises had anything like this ever happened. He’d bought and sold so many different businesses, closing down factories, stores, and hotels without a blip, and now this? Some stupid manufacturing plant in upstate New York was causing a huge problem. “Storm, you’re being crucified on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. Not only are regular people on Twitter calling for a boycott of your company, the media has joined in. It’s all over the place. Hell, someone even set up a ‘I Hate Bennett’ Facebook page,” David said.

So on to the synopsis– ‘When the storm hits, everything changes. Will shifting priorities lead to a shift in life, or will Storm Bennett abandon his heart’s desires? Storm rules the Bennett Empire with an iron fist, never taking time to allow emotions into his life, leaving him looking like the bad guy in the media over and over again. When a typhoon hits the island where one of his hotels is located, he sees it as a chance to repair his damaged reputation. On the island, nothing is as it should be. Storm meets Keoni, a local, who challenges everything Storm knows about relationships, family and love. Keoni is blown away by Storm but wants the man so badly he can taste it. Can he risk his newfound peace, giving a part of himself to Storm, or will he stay detached, allowing love to slip away?’

Sara’s stories about gay relationships view them from all angles and that is one reason her books resonate with her wide reading audience. Her work is consistently fine (and steamy!) and with STORM’S DESIRE we see she can take her tales anywhere and win. Grady Harp, July 17

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