Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Review: 'The Septic System Owner's Manual' by Lloyd Kahn

The book is everything you would want. It is instructive, clearly written, well diagrammed, and pitched at a level that is easily understood. My wife didn't know a thing about septic systems, and I was able to explain the idea quite clearly pointing to Kahn's diagrams.

The amusing, and frightening aspect of Lloyd's book is in the horror stories he tells of civic agencies run amok. Driven by developers with their own interests in mind, certainly not those of existing homeowners, they attempt to force ruinously expensive "solutions" in places where problems don't exist. Kahn's book will inform you about the issues involved and also suggest how to defend yourself.

For what it is worth, the ideas translate pretty well to Ukraine. One finds the same kinds of hardware available. The major difference is the intrusiveness of local authorities. Here you just spec out what you think will do the job and build it. No fuss. But - big caveat - it remains important to keep septic away from well water and to have an adequate drainage field. One thing I might have hoped for is a formula for computing the size of a drainage field. I suspect that it is so dependent on local soils as to be impossible; if so it would be nice to see that fact in black and white.

In any case, an excellent, easy, informative read.

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