Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Review: 'The Great Super Cycle' by David Skarica

Skarica shares some useful observations with no claim that they are not proprietary to him, without trying to scare you or sell you. Kind of nice in a financial guru.

His matter-of-fact analysis of the upcoming inflation is nothing new. Makes sense, and agrees with many others ("This Time It's Different," for one) His analysis of what to do about it is refreshing. Basically
1) Keep your shirt on. The world isn't ending, just shifting
2) Things whose value float with currency, stocks and especially commodities, will come through one way or another
3) For a number of historical reasons, commodities look better for the next few years, but
4) Keep your eyes open, because the past is not an infallable guide.

He offers some good advice on vehicles for investing.

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