Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: 'Granting Her Wish' by Erin Bedford

Nebraska author Erin Bedford is a computer programmer with a wild and delicious imagination. Relatively new on the scene she is a writer of fantasy and paranormal romance who loves to combine her wild fantasy stories with lots of erotic overtones (and acting out!).

One reason Erin’s odd novels catch us so quickly is her complete absorption in the setting of her story, showing us her characters as though we have just met them after a too long absence. Example, in describing her main character Alysha she writes, ‘MY LIFE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO be like this but when did anything ever go as planned for me? I can tell you, I never envisioned myself standing behind this register of Coffee and Stuff for the fifth year in a row. I thought I’d be out of this hell hole by now. I thought I’d be running my own bakery, where someone would actually appreciate my hard work. As I finished ringing the next customer up, I let out an aggravated sigh. “That bad, Aly?” My frown immediately turned upside down as my best friend, Jade Wiley, stepped behind the counter. Jade and I were a matched pair, dressed in matching uniforms that clashed with the dark blue Coffee and Stuff decor—black pants and an orange polo. It was even worse for Jade, with her blonde hair dyed a two-toned mix of blue and purple, which looked great with her complexion and her usual rocker attire. Not so much with our uniform. “Worse,” I gave her a knowing look and rolled my eyes. I pushed my burnt-coffee colored hair off my neck for the millionth time, wishing my mane wasn’t so thick that regular hair ties couldn’t contain it. “Oh, yeah?” she asked as she handed the next order out and then took my place at the register. “Who are we dealing with today?” “Hyde. Definitely Hyde.”

But on to the plethora of adventures in which Erin places her Alysha – it is a play on fairy tales as is obvious from the description of the Genie and the three wishes – One mistake. Three wishes. Will true love be in the cards or are they only throwing pennies in a well? Alysha wants nothing more than to open her own bakery and to get away from her jerk of a boss. Then she had to accidentally knock a priceless antique that is owned by said boss into a bucket of dirty water putting her job in jeopardy. When she sets about cleaning up her mess she gets a whole lot more than she wished for when sexy genie with an attitude comes pouring out. Mac is cursed. Forced to serve humans until he can learn humility. He can’t wait for his sentence to be over. When he meets the lovely, but naive Alysha, he will find himself wanting to grant her every desire, even if that means never seeing her again.’

Erin does well recreating analagous contemporary stories based on well-loved fairy tales. The story is ‘fleshed out’ with some fine steamy erotica. It is an imaginary trip well written and one that provides a great escape from the usual adult romance paranormal fantasy realm. Tasty! Grady Harp, July 17

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