Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Dakota Blues' by Lynne Spreen

Dakota Blues by Lynne Spreen: Review

Dakota Blues is a debut award winning novel by Lynne Spreen. The title seemed to be a typical of a Mills and Boon or Harlequin romance. But the book was anything but. Although Dakota Blues will make you smile a bit, it is more likely to make you cry or tear up, reading about the bittersweet…


  1. I'm so incredibly honored by your review of my novel. So many of the scenes were drawn from real life. The memories of Dickinson are my own; the farm stories, my mother's; the funeral, my dad's. To do research, I visited ND with Mom in 2008, in an incredibly lush early summer. There really were five shades of green in the grasses along the road, and we really did stop in the middle of the 2-lane highway, turn off the car, get out, and listen to the silence. In many ways, Dakota Blues is an account of my ancestry, and thus your review, and the depth of your thinking, moves me greatly. Thank you.

  2. Great review, and takes me back to my feelings while reading it. I, too, had to put it down because of similar life experiences in places. There is a sequel out as well, Key Largo Blues readers will want to read. Lynne M. Spreen is a writer to watch.