Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Colorado Heat' by Sara York

Sara York is a creative writer – one who can ‘shift’ from her popular paranormal romances of shifters as well as gay cowboy romances and who knows where else. She penned a very popular series – the Colorado Heart Series – that totaled six books, each book is stand alone, but the characters migrate through the series so that reading the entire group is the way to go.

And now we have the new, Book 8, of her series that takes place on the Wild Bluff Ranch in Colorado is aptly titled COLORADO HEAT (the title will be understood within the first few chapters of the book. And if you’ve followed the series, many of the characters are well known to you

As with all of Sara’s books she offers a synopsis that goes right to the core of the story without spoilers – ‘Adjusting to life at Wild Bluff ranch means Tanner has to face his attraction to Mike, but he’s happier hiding in the fields. It’s all going so well until he and Mike are slated to go on a mission to hunt down information on James and Brody. On the mission, they hit a snag when a storm blows in, trapping them in a cabin. Spending days in a secluded cabin might be some couples’ idea of fun, but Mike and Tanner aren't a couple, and the tight quarters are enough to leave them both on edge. Frustrations build, and Mike takes them out on Tanner in a most delicious way, turning the frozen cabin as hot as a tropical jungle. Mike has vowed never to have a relationship. Will his long-standing rule be scrapped, or will Tanner be tossed out once they return to Colorado?’

Enough interesting men to capture our attention, it is what Sara does with their interrelationships that makes her books such winners. But the Wild Bluff Ranch is also a very central character – from before we remember ‘When people approached Wild Bluff to do a job, they insisted on a certain level of confidentiality. Money never changed hands directly, and any communication was done through secure means. Hell, most people didn’t have any idea who or where they were.’

And yes, Sara’s book is steamy erotica, but she makes a point of covering the spectrum of sexual attraction and acting out: bi-curious, bi-sexual, gay – it is all here and served up well. For this reader this is the best of the series thus far. Grady Harp, August 17

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