Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Climate Change Reconsidered' by Craig Idso

An excellent book, as other reviewers have said, answering the IPCC's FAR point by point. It is absolutely needed. It amazes me how thickheaded the politicos running the IPCC can be, knowing their work will be subject to such careful scrutiny. Don't they care? Do they imagine that the imprimatur of the UN is strong enough that they can simply ignore the feedback from their own scientists, as they do, and dictate policy? History is proving them wrong. Do they imagine that they can use their deep pockets to compromise scientific integrity forever? Once again, it is turning out not to be the case. Kudos to Fred Singer for seeing through them from moment one and fighting the good fight through four assessment reports. One hopes that if there is a fifth report, it will be vastly different than its predecessors. Among other things, it will have to account for the highly visible fact that there has been no significant warming since 2001. Which Singer would have predicted, and they blatantly did not.

I also review "Die Kalte Sonne," a shorter and somewhat easier book to read (though in German). It's primary focus is on sun cycles and ocean cycles, whereas Singer devotes more space to considering the outcomes of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

A positive note about Kindle. This is about the 25th Kindle book I've read, but the first where I encountered jumbled text and formatting so confused that meaning is hard to discern. I told Amazon, and they fixed it in a couple of days. I redownloaded it and all is well. Good going, Amazon!

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