Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Book Review: 'A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State' by John W. Whitehead

This award-winning book may serve as "the coda" to a historical process in which "one racist nation under a jealous racist white Christian God" is finally losing its grip on reality, and finally losing its way in a haze of paranoid police-state breast-beating fascist state police tactics.
From where I sit, as a black male in racist America, this looks too much like just a case of the "chickens finally coming home to roost?" Since slavery, America has been nothing less than a racist pro-Fascist police state. No one has seemed the least disturbed by it until recently. Why?

But then came the JFK, RFK and MLK "state-sanctioned" assassinations, and with this not so silent a coup d' etat, the U.S. democracy then went through a profound transformation: The U.S. came under the control of a powerful and evil "national security state apparatus," that has metastasized while hiding behind the "lone nut" and "single bullet theories." When it hooked-up with a well-trained, militarily-equipped inner city police infra-structure, the national security police state was complete.

However, so long as the illegal police tactics and the illegal "national security apparatus" were reserved for black people's heads, or liberal anti-racist politicians, the fascist apparatus and police tactics remained invisible, tolerated and even desired. It rolled on, gathering steam unimpeded. In fact, it was comforting to know that the evil cross-dressing ingrate, J. Edgar Hoover, "had our backs," wasn't it?

In short, throughout most of American history, "out-of-control," "excessive policing" was considered as "protecting the (white tribal) community. Thus, it was perfectly okay for white people to wink, nod and then turn their heads the other way. Or worse, as most are doing now regarding the Ferguson, Mo. killing of young Michael Brown, defend police tactics even before the facts are in? {Stop whining and spinning conspiracy theories about "America's finest!")

Since the emerging police state apparatus and its excesses were being "trained on" "black heads" only; and thus were being used to protect the "white community," its excesses served white tribal and racist interests perfectly. In fact, it would not be too much of an exaggeration to suggest that the very definition of what is considered "being white" is to have the comfortable umbrella of an "out-of-control" police force constantly "on duty" cracking black heads in the South and in the inner city ghettos of the United States of America. Arguably, that is a really important part of what it means to "be white" in America.

Now that this book finally lays out in its full glory for everyone to see, what the fruits of a century of police state training has wrought - surveillance cameras, drug-sniffing dogs, SWAT team raids, frisks and body X-rays while entering almost any buildings, roadside strip searches, blood draws at DUI checkpoints, helicopter surveillance, DNA indexing, finger-printing before check-cashing, shoot-first ask questions later policing, mosquito drones, tasers, privatized prisons, GPS tracking devices, torture, renditions, confiscation of property, zero tolerance policies, over-criminalization, and free speech zones -- that is to say, now that the militarized hi-tech police state national security infrastructure finally has been perfected and cast in stone.

Only now, when the training wheels (after a century of training in excess police tactics on black heads) are being taken off; and when the technological genie finally can no longer be put back into the bottle; (and oh, by the way, lest we forget), now that white heads are being cracked open in the streets, and white homes are being spied upon and crashed into in the middle of the night, now is the time to become alarmed?

How much more insane (and late) can the contradictions in one racist nation get? Five stars

Editor's note: This review was written by Dr. Herbert L. Calhoun and has been reposted with permission. Like what you read? Subscribe to the SFRB's free daily email notice so you can be up-to-date on our latest articles. Scroll up this page to the sign-up field on your right. 

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