Friday, June 2, 2017

Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele explains why Cynthia McKinney should be Donald Trump's vice president

This is the final article of my discussion with Robert David Steele. The firstsecondthird, and fourth pieces are available. 
Article by Joseph Ford Cotto 
People are talking a lot about espionage these days.
Whether it be certain members of America's intelligence community springing leaks at Donald Trump's expense or whatever the Russian Federation's secret services are supposed to be doing, the spy game is one of the only games in town nowadays -- at least if major media outlets are taken seriously. (Read more here)


Joseph Ford Cotto: Let's wrap up with some specifics. First, outline the eight suggestions that you and Cynthia McKinney have made to President Donald Trump, and then list the twelve elements of the Election Reform Act of 2017 that you want the public to discuss this summer with each Member of Congress.

Robert David Steele: If I may be so bold, there is no substitute for reading the original, so I offer below an exact copy of the one-page Memorandum for the President 3.0.

The entire political game is rigged against you.
The Deep State is playing you, lying to your face and laughing behind your back.
You will win when you change the rules, rally the American People, and #UNRIG the system.

8 Ways to Immediately Change the Rules and Win
  1.  The election is over.  Preibus and his minions now protect the Swamp.  Fire them all.  Hire a new Chief of Staff (such as David Stockman) who is truly and doggedly loyal to you and your campaign promises to the American People.  Make the White House efficient again!
  2.  Completely destroy all fake news and social media manipulation and censorship.  Fire Brad Parscale.  Hire Gregg Phillips (AutoGov) and Rick Davis (PollMole) to create The Trump Media Channel.  Send a Trump-et and receive instant honest feedback from 150 million citizens on a single screen.  Make the U.S. President loved by the people again!
  3. Payback the agencies that are spying on you and your family.  Gut and Fire the NSA.  Cut CIA 50% [end all CIA operations smuggling gold, cash, weapons, drugs, human organs, and sex slaves] and hire Robert David Steele to transform remainder, with the 30% worth saving from terminated agencies, into an expanded CIA offset by a new Open Source Intelligence Agency (OSA) that feeds the Trump Channel and makes you the best informed leader in the world.  Make the Bill of Rights actually mean something in the U.S. again!
  4.  Payback Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform sabotage.  Hire Karl Denninger to champion a new bill laser-focused on the core issues:  Price.  Standardization.  Outcomes.  Include Federal legalization of marijuana (and hemp oil) and watch your bipartisan support go viral. #MAGA
  5.  Hire Edgar Feige to champion your tax reform bill.  Rocket the American economy by putting the American People First (not Goldman Sachs).  Eliminate the Income Tax, IRS and the national debt with the implementation of an Automated Payment Transaction Tax. #MAGA
  6.  Be the new dealmaker for the American people.  Have 150 million indebted citizens individually assign you as their agent to re-negotiate all their debts [student, family credit card, elderly medical, small business, mortgage, etc] with the banks.  If Wall Street doesn’t play ball, cancel the debt and issue all citizens presidential pardons.  Greatest President ever. #MAGA
  7.  Be the new unifier.  Organize an Election Reform Summit [#UNRIG] that includes all political parties [Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, Socialist, Independents, Working Families, Justice, etc.].  Barnstorm the nation.  Kickstart an honest, uncensored, un-politically-correct, common-sense conversation with all American people.  Destroy the two-party tyranny.  Be the civil-rights president no one else has the balls to be.
  8.  Deliver positive policy outcomes to the 73% that did not vote for you.  Make sure that those positive outcomes reach deep into traditional Democratic Party territory.  After you re-boot your team and create a grand strategy that destroys the two-party tyranny and The Deep State, you will be viewed as the sole leader who really represents all citizens – the 27% that voted for you and the 73% that did not vote for you.  This is the key toward a legacy that will mark you in history as The Greatest President Ever.
As for the Election Reform Act of 2017, I will gladly list the elements below, these are not my ideas (except for the coalition cabinet and balance budget established by each candidate prior to election day), and these are not a "take it or leave it" prescription but rather a starting point for a national conversation. I urge readers to read either the Amazon Kindle, #UNRIG: Beyond Trump & Sanders, or the free online manifesto at #UNRIG, a special page at, both offer five graphics and a copy of the Integrity Pledge and the Statement of Demand.
  1. Universal Registration & Prisoners Vote
  2. Free & equal Ballot Acces
  3. Tightly-Drawn Districts Based on US Citizens NOT Counting Illegal Aliens/Foreigners
  4. Free & Equal Public Funding
  5. Free & Equal Media Access
  6. Inclusive Debates + Cabinet Debates (Full Cabinet Must be Announced 30 Days Prior to Election Day, Also Balance Budget Announced 30 Days Prior)
  7. Open Primaries and No Rigged Party "Super-Delegates" or Other Cheats
  8. Election Day Holiday + Free Public Transport
  9. Paper Ballots Counted Publicly On Site + Exit Polls
  10. End Winner Take All Voting (e.g. Choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd Choice, then Instant Run-Off Applies to Elect True Majority Candidate not a Fringe Candidate
  11. Legislative Process Integrity - no secret clauses, online change tracking ala github with open voting at the line item level
  12. Economic & Financial Democracy - End all opposition to unionization (e.g. Taft-Hartley 14b), nationalize central bank & all regional federal reserve elements
Cotto: One final question. I don't imagine the Deep State is going to yield power easily. George Soros is known to be planning a violent "American Spring" for 2 July, and you have told me you are worried about Donald Trump being assassinated  this summer with complicity from the Secret Service which was also complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What are your thoughts on Mike Pence, and your strategy for dealing with Deep State opposition to your ideas.

Steele: Wow. Talk about ending with a bang (pun intended). I consider Mike Pence a traitor to our legitimately-elected president. He cannot be fired but he should be make a compelling offer to resign. Pence has been stabbing our president in the back from day one, because he and Reince Preibus are the two pincers of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family and the Dick Cheney neo-conservative pro-Zionist cabal that seeks to destroy our legitimately-elected president. I have told the few people I know who talk to the president without interference that Cynthia McKinney is the best possible replacement for Mike Pence, and I pray that God may shine his light on America and make it so. Combined with the other suggestions in the above Memorandum for the President 3.0, this would assure not only Donald Trump being the greatest president ever, but peace and prosperity for America and the world, ending all wars, all illegal refugee streams, all predatory banking sucking the blood out of the USA and other countries.

I have two strategies for ending the Deep State's resistance to my ideas, which are unlikely to succeed unless our president embraces them and puts the full power of his personality and his office behind them. 

Truth & Reconciliation is a proven strategy, one demonstrated by Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Our offer to the 1% is straight-forward: keep what you have, get out of our way. My version of Truth & Reconciliation is "everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail." Educating the public on why we have been so impoverished and down-trodden now -- the Great Depression was caused by the bankers to destroy the middle class, concentrate wealth, and consolidate power over the federal government -- and how we can avoid the Great Depression scheduled to start in September 2017 (Martin Armstrong has never been wrong) is vastly more important than vindictive justice.

The Members of Congress are a special case. Most of them are compromised and being bribed as well as blackmailed. At least six top Republican Senators are world-class pedophiles who have probably participated in child ritual murder -- Democratic Senators are also in this mix. It is vital that in addition to passing the Election Reform Act of 2017 which ends the influence of campaign contributions, we have a counterintelligence surge in which each Member is offered an opportunity to confess, receive absolution in the form of a Presidential Pardon, the latter on condition that they help a restored FBI nail their blackmailers. We not only have the power to restore integrity to Congress as well as the Executive, we have the power to end, once and for all the illicit subversive influence of all foreign powers such as Israel and Saudi Arabia while forcing our bankers to comply with the rule of law.

Cotto: Where can our readers learn more?

Steele: My personal page with free linked access to all of my books less  The Open Source Everything Manifesto, the only one I do not own, and all of my articles, briefings, interviews, and more, is

I curate 80 active contributors and 800 past contributors at the Public Intelligence Blog with over 20,000 entries, all active -- we archive nothing -- at

Shortly Cynthia McKinney and I will be activiating (mobilization), (free email for those who wish to join the  revolution), (sunshine government discussions of all threats, policies, and costs), and (501c3/527 fund-raising).

God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If Donald Trump is the enemy of the Deep State, then all my latte-sucking progressives on the East and West Coasts need to thinking deeply about the value proposition that Cynthia McKinney and I placing before the public: Alt-Right + people of color & Latinos + small parties & independents + Alt-Left can take back the power this summer. If our President chooses to lead #UNRIG personally, it is Game Over for the Deep State.

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