Thursday, June 1, 2017

Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele explains why some US intelligence agents are against Donald Trump

This is the fourth of five articles spanning my discussion with Robert David Steele. The firstsecond, and third pieces are available. 
Article by Joseph Ford Cotto 
People are talking a lot about espionage these days.
Whether it be certain members of America's intelligence community springing leaks at Donald Trump's expense or whatever the Russian Federation's secret services are supposed to be doing, the spy game is one of the only games in town nowadays -- at least if major media outlets are taken seriously. (Read more here)


Joseph Ford Cotto: What might be inspiring some of America's intelligence community to leak classified information which might damage Donald Trump?

Robert David Steele: The rogue elements of the US secret intelligence community -- mostly the second-tier leaders who are loyal to the Vatican, the Zionists, or Goldman Sachs, consider themselves above the law. Presidents are transitory and Donald Trump won "accidentally" -- he was not favored by the Deep State. They genuinely believe  that We the People are stupid sheep and that America must be under the control of someone who supports the fascist and globalist agenda of the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime families. They are not actually leaking, they are lying. There is absolutely no prohibition against talking to foreign powers or even arranging for back-channel communications. John Brennan, a Saudi whore and Clinton loyalist, led the telling of many lies and those lies continue today. In comparison to the crimes of Obama and Clinton -- to include the death of SEALS sent to kill a fake Bin Laden as an election publicity stunt; Benghazi; the dismantling of Syria; and much more, Trump is a virgin. Trump scares the Deep State -- they sense that We the People are now aroused against the Deep State and Trump could channel our anger toward their destruction.

Cotto: Some say that Barack Obama politicized the intelligence community, among other ranks of the federal bureaucracy. Do you believe that this is a valid perspective?

Steele: Barack Obama was a puppet and he and his surrogates absolutely abused power for eight years. However, the bureaucracy has always been politicized. The neo-fascist secret elements were institutionalized after WWII and we began a permanent state of war as a means of keeping the public docile and the money moving. After 9/11, which was under the direct control of Dick Cheney, the Global War on Terror was used as the new propaganda narrative -- and since terrorists are not really threatening America, the secret world ended up doing multiple false flag operations both at home and abroad, as part of keeping everyone scared. Manchester in the UK is a false flag, almost certainly approved directly by May, in order to keep Corbyn out of power.

Cotto: What will be the biggest hurdle that Trump faces in dealing with rogue elements of America's intelligence sector?

Steele: Trump, for good reasons originally (to avoid assassination) has surrounded himself with traitors and mediocrities.  Mike Pence in particular is a back-stabbing traitor who must be forced to resign (he cannot be fired). Preibus and McMaster are both traitors, the first constantly undermining the president with lies, the second an active participant in the false flag gas attack in Syria intended to force the president to approve US ground troops being sent into Syria.  Egypt will be the staging ground, we invade on 1 June, if that happens Donald Trump will be impeached and will not have a chance to clean house. Cynthia McKinney and I will run for President in 2020 if Trump is destroyed by the Deep State  -- I would rather help Trump defeat the Deep State but he has to want to be helped.

Cotto: Would you recommend that young men and women seriously consider a career in the intelligence community nowadays?

Steele: The short answer is yes.  For all of its corruption and dysfunctionality the craft of intelligence (decision-support) is the single most compelling occupation for anyone with a brain. I have spent thirty years trying to shift the craft of intelligence from secrets favoring war and waste to open sources and methods favoring peace and prosperity, and I anticipate success before I die.

Cotto: Might advanced information technology almost totally render secret agents obsolete during the years to come?

Steele: Not only no, but absolutely no. I was qualify this by pointing out that only 1% of scientific papers that are written are actually published, and what is written is perhaps 1% of what is known. So we are operating on 1% of 1%, in part because the Deep State does not care about evidence-based decision-making, it thrives on manipulating markets and exploiting the little people. Thirteen of the fifteen slices of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) are not secret. There is absolutely no substitute for human collection, human processing, human analysis, and human explanation to decision-makers. I would also point out that NSA is a completely failure. It processes less than 1% of what it collects, and is incapable of detecting false signals -- the Israelis routinely fake out the NSA with "talking rocks" that simulate communications intended to deceive the Americans. I have written a great deal on augmented collective human intelligence -- there is a role for information technology in support of human reflection -- but I am also scornful of what I call "artificial stupidity." In the hands of the social media mandarins, what I call #GoogleGestapo, and in the hands of the banks, information technology has been the foundation for many crimes against humanity.


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