Monday, June 12, 2017

Book Review: 'A Short History of the World' by Christopher Lascelles

A Short History of the World

By Christopher Lascelles

Review by Rebecca Johnson

Whether you lived in a country that didn't teach you the whole of world history or you just never paid much attention to history, this book will enlighten you on the world's chaos over the centuries. While I'd take the first chapter with a grain of salt as someone who doesn't believe in evolution, the rest of the book is excellent.

Ever since the first murder on earth thousands of years ago, people have been at war with each other. Civilization after civilization has risen and fallen. With a history like the one described in this book it is apparent that the world is not finished yet. Before you get too cozy it might be time to read about the realities of existence on here our beloved planet.

While I believe most people who are not in power want peace that is far from the reality we experience.

This book is very well written and the author is very insightful. He sees what went wrong in the past and in some ways
warns us of the future. Will technology eventually control us? That is a thought he leaves us with at the end.

So read this book to realize how much help the world needs and then work to be the change you want to see, as someone famous once said.

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