Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Review: 'The Perfect 15-Minute Day: Managing Your Time, Thoughts, and Emotions' by Pierre Khawand

The Perfect 15-Minute Day: Managing Your Time, Thoughts, and Emotions
By Pierre Khawand

Review by Rebecca Johnson

Pierre Khawand has created a book to encourage people who work in an office to set priorities and engage in time management. This is done through organization, mindfulness and increased efficiency. In a world where burnout is very possible and happens to many there are ways to deal with the increase of interruptions. All you need to do this program is a timer and a journal. You will learn how to organize your emails, handle interruptions and get tasks done in 15 minute increments. So if your work day is currently a bit crazy the method Pierre Khawand teaches will encourage much more productivity. What do you have to lose besides frustration? This book is well worth reading and if you apply the information to your work day you may find yourself much happier with the outcomes.

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