Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review: 'Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity: The rantings of a stark raving sane man' by Lee Camp

Review: Lee Camp Moment of Clarity – The rantings of a stark raving sane man

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Amazon Page

Lee Camp
5.0 out of 5 stars SIX Stars — A National Enema with Champagne, October 17, 2013
Ten percent of the books I have reviewed here at Amazon make it into my six star group. This is such a book. I have been a fan of Lee Camp’s outrageously spirited, funny, and profane social commentaries for years, through his videos. This book was given to me as a gift, and I have been laughing all morning with occasional tears of sadness for society.
Amazon’s Look Inside the Book provides the Table of Contents, look at that if you have any doubt.
HUGE PLUS: Each short chapter has the YouTube URL at the top. Amazon also sells two audios for Lee, great for the car, but personally I value the combination of Lee’s face and live delivery with his words, for now found only on YouTube.
The subtitle says it all: Lee is a stark raving sane man. Others have compared him to Carlin, I would go a step further, Lee is Carlin with class (smile). He’s like a giant-sized Irish elf armed with an intelligence flame thrower capable of skewering any lie, any pretense, any crime against humanity — his book covers most of them.
I would certainly like to see a Lee Camp: The Movie but until that comes available, this book is a sane person’s salvation. We who are sane are labeled crazy by the 1% and the sheep that listen to the 1%, this book is life-affirming, mind-altering, soul-strengthening righteous good stuff.
God Bless Lee, God Bless America, and as Winston Churchill once said, NEVER GIVE UP.
Radical idea: buy as many of these books as you can, and either put the books in toilets where the willing might still be saved, or cut the spine off and sprinkle Lee’s individual stories around. This book is pixie dust for humanity.
Ten books, none funny, that reinforce Lee’s sanity parade:
Semper Fidelis, from Afghanistan,
Robert David STEELE Vivas

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