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Book Review: 'Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus' by Matt Taibbi

Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus
By Matt Taibbi

Review by Dr. Herbert L. Calhoun

Again, Matt Tahibi has nailed it: This book reveals that the US political system has finally committed Hari-kari. The best and starkest evidence is the crowning of the GOP's own self-described "Carnival Barker" Donald J Trump as King of the American Empire.

Here in excruciating detail we learn how the USA went about electing Trump -- Kim Jung Un's long lost twin brother and alter ego -- as its 45th and last US president.

Although the crisscrossing subtext of American History, as always, remains white racism, "the American way" is to deny this transparent fact by pretending that there are other more important more noble reasons why America would plunge the sword into its own side in an embarrassing spectacle that the whole world can see is transparent.

This time the pretext to cover the national disease, its incurable intoxication with white racism, ostensibly is to "shake up the corrupt system and drain the swamp" by electing a certifiably insane, incompetent, treasonous, sexually predatory, psychopathic man-child billionaire -- the lead clown in the 17-clown 2017 GOP clown car, as its 45th president.

The scenario for America's final demise is well-known as it has been well-rehearsed over the decades by the nation's corrupt bifurcated and "whorish" political class.They have perfected the technique of using race-based wedge demagoguery, and the two-party system like a "cat-of-nine-lives" to whip, divide and then keep the herds of black, white and "other" American sheep in line and in their respective lanes.

Each color-coded herd of sheep thought the American political process would help it find their own troughs to feed from? But they failed to see until it was too late, the insane beauty of the ingeniously corrupt American political system: There are no more troughs for the sheep, only for the greedy corrupt ruling circles? For, it is far too late for them to realize, that it is the sheep themselves who are being led to the killing-floor for slaughter as food and fodder for America's greedy and corrupt oligarchs. And it is being done under the cynical banner "make America great again?" Go figure!

Who would have thunk that America would go down like this?

Not the Bernie Sanders' Democrats, who naively thought that a bit more socialism might just fix all of America's problems? Nor, the far-right reptilian Republicans, who thought a bit smaller government and more huge tax cuts for the rich, might also just do the trick.

But truth be told, this last herd did not really want solutions to America's problems in any case, just a better more clever cover story, along the lines laid down by Lee Atwater as to how to continue keeping the blacks down.

Not even the middling herds on either side of the political divide, who desperately only wanted a hint that at sometime in the foreseeable future, just maybe, at least their most serious concerns might someday be addressed? But, with Obama's eight years as a ceremonial president, and only a wobbly ACA to show for it, and now the beginning of his obscene payoffs from Goldman Sachs ($400,000 for a single post-presidential speech) being exposed, proves that there is not a chance that a feeding trough for these middling herds will be forthcoming anytime soon, either.

So what to do? "Drain the swamp" with America's foremost swamp denizen "the sleazy casino-owning, vagina grabbing Donald."

Armed with orange make-up, a cheap toupee, a reality TV attention-span, and a lot of laundered Russian money, in walks the "one man wrecking crew" wielding the sword that will end the American Empire as we know it: "Little congenital lying yellow-haired orange-faced Donald" ascended to the throne with the greatest of ease, claiming to be a self-made man, when in fact he actually was heavily subsidized by his father, and now is being controlled as a "Russian asset" by Vladimir Putin's money.

Trump's genius? Slamming down on the table hard and often the only trump card that works in America: Using every sublimated form of racist "dog whistle" known to man:

Stand up for the scared little white man at home playing with his guns like Travis Bickle, who is too cowardly to stand up and admit that he is an incurable racist. Build a wall to keep Mexican rapists out! Stop hiding behind a PC facade! And when any full-blooded "real American" politician stands up on his hind legs and thumps his chest for little white men like that, just as Lee Atwood so presciently predicted, there is no way he can lose. And thus, voila! the most incompetent and sleaziest man in America's political history, Donald J. Trump is elected our 45th US president.

Can anyone even try to imagine how hard the Russian spies, who recently set up shop in Trump's White House, are laughing at us now?

How can they not be saying: See how easy it was to bring down "the last standing superpower" -- all you gotta do is just use their own greatest weakness, white racism, against them, and when they finally fall, they will never know what hit them. (Yes they will: It will always be because of Benghazi and Hillary's 30,000 deleted emails, or Bill's philandering, or else Obama's birth certificate, Amen!)

And they would be right, no? For why else is the stock market still soaring?

A hellava read ten stars

Editor's note: This review was written by Dr. Herbert L. Calhoun and has been reposted with permission. Like what you read? Subscribe to the SFRB's free daily email notice so you can be up-to-date on our latest articles. Scroll up this page to the sign-up field on your right. 

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