Friday, June 2, 2017

Book Review: 'The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to Mindfulness' by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris

The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to Mindfulness
By Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris

Review by David Wineberg (Originally published during late 2016)

This Fireside Grown Up Guide to Mindfulness is one of series of four this fall. It juxtaposes 2016 knowledge and customs with early 1960s tableaux, which is a perfect combination for someone with a need to ditch it all and meditate. Every page has a humorous approach to mindfulness by some person, plus an illustration of what it was like for these misguided souls. Hazely and Morris (and their cast of artists) score point after point with pinpoint accuracy.

My favorite: Laura tried to get mindfulness by getting in touch with her inner child. It turns out that Laura’s inner child has been prescribed an experimental cough medicine and was having some very vivid dreams. Poor Laura.

There’s just no easy way.

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