Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore' by Dave Hill

Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore
By Dave Hill

Review by David Wineberg

Dave Hill’s shtick is naiveté. He approaches life with a Hollywood hero attitude. He is heavily influenced by films, sitcoms, commercials, rock bands, and above all, chain restaurants. He dives straight into projects expecting to master lifelong skills in a session or two, just like in the movies. He is of course thwarted, and therein lies the humor. There is way too much reference to his underpants, and something called face melting crops up four times, but otherwise it makes a warmly funny read.

The stories are personal, human, and amusing, in a Mark Twain sort of way, as opposed to an SJ Perelman sort of way. I like it better than say, Adam Resnick’s stories, if only because it is so much smoother and cleaner. There’s nothing too outrageous to be true, and something pretty much any middle class American could relate to, from having too much stuff to training a puppy, to finessing parents. It’s an All-American kind of collection, best appreciated in small doses as opposed to binge reading.

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