Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Before You Get Sick' by Lori-Ann Rickard

Before You Get Sick
By Lori-Ann Rickard

Review by Rebecca Johnson

Lori-Ann Rickard is a health care insider who helps you determine the difference between a life-threatening emergency and something your primary care physician can handle treating. Lori encourages the reader to maintain their health on a regular basis so you get few surprises.

This book contains helpful information on how to communicate with doctors and nurses while in the hospital. She suggests many things that may increase your odds of getting out of the hospital alive. You've probably heard of some people who end up sicker because of a hospital stay and this book includes some ideas for how to prevent that.

Please however consult with your doctor before taking any advice in this book. I take no responsibility for your health if you follow the advice although for me this book had a lot of great advice. In the end only you can determine whether you are in an emergency situation or not. For me, my high blood pressure spiked and sent me straight to the ER. Even though it was very expensive I feel it might have saved my life.

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