Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele says "God Bless Donald Trump" and "Bernie Sanders"; explains why

This is the second of five articles spanning my discussion with Robert David Steele. The first piece is available. 
Article by Joseph Ford Cotto 
People are talking a lot about espionage these days.
Whether it be certain members of America's intelligence community springing leaks at Donald Trump's expense or whatever the Russian Federation's secret services are supposed to be doing, the spy game is one of the only games in town nowadays -- at least if major media outlets are taken seriously. (Read more here)


Joseph Ford Cotto: You credit Peter Dale Scott with writing the top book on the Deep State, but it is you who have put Deep State, false flag, and fake news into the Alt-Right talk show circuit, building on our president's talking about a rigged system. Please define the Deep State, and end with a snap-shot of why #UNRIG could be the second American revolution.

Robert David Steele: God bless Donald Trump! And to some extent, although he is part of the Deep State and will never leave the Democratic Party, God bless Bernie Sanders as well. Both of them got a critical portion of the public to understand for the first time that the USA is a rigged system -- it is rigged financially, politically, in every possible way, to favor Wall Street over Main Street, the 1% over the 99%. His book, while brilliant, was successful marginalized, as I have been marginalized by the CIA all these years, by a complicit media that is very much part of the Deep State and uses the CIA-created meme of "conspiracy theory" to diminish all those who seek truth in the face of official lies. What Donald Trump did was open  the door for someone like me to be interviewed by the Alt-Right media, I single out the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Victurus Libertas, and the CommonsSenseShow with David Hodges, as being especially important. On the centrist front Sarah Westall's interviews of me have also gone viral.

The Deep State in a nutshell is not, as those who recognize the term assume, unelected officials and rogue CIA leaders along with neo-conservatives like Dick Cheney running a Shadow Government from retirement. The Deep State starts with and is owned by the Rothschild Family and the Vatican (with some very calculated inter-marriage over the centuries between secular Jesuits and the Rothschilds). The Rothschilds and the Vatican own all of the central banks of the world and personally approve most of the leaders of the larger banks and trading houses. They use the City of London and Wall Street, where they are easily able to manipulate foreign exchange and currency rates while also manipulating stock markets, to control governments. 

Each government generally has a two-party tyranny, many of those leaders inducted into the Vatican and Rothchild-led pedophilia hall of shame (which includes drinking the adrenalized blood of children sodomized and terrorized to their death, similar to the Chinese practice of boiling dogs to adrenalize the blood of the dog and change the flavor of the meat) -- children are also harvested for body parts and bone marrow. This is considered an elite "privilege." The Deep State uses the secret intelligence agencies and global smugglers and enforcers (assassins) and to acquire insider information beneficial to further concentrating wealth at the expense of the larger public. The secret intelligence agencies, the third tier of the servant class (first is bankers, second is political leaders), provides the narrative and blackmails as well as bribes political leaders, judges, and of course the fake new media including -- I single out as despicably corrupt -- the Crap News Network, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. But all media, including Fox News and the Washington Times, are largely garbage, and all social media is controlled by #GoogleGestapo, where Eric Schmidt is test-driving a Censorship Board he wants to sell to communist China -- imagine that (our censored social media good enough for a communist country to consider).

#UNRIG could be the second American revolution, and unique as revolutions go because it could be ethical, legal, and non-violent. Cynthia McKinney and I have created We the People - Unity for Integrity, and posited a common enemy (the Deep State), a common solution (Election Reform Act of 2017), and a common method (occupy the front lawns and home offices of every Senator and Representative during the summer recess, demanding they sign the Integrity Pledge and co-sponsor and pass the Election Reform Act of 2017.  I am most gratified to have finally attracted the attention of our legitimately-elected President, Donald Trump, and am hopeful that he will agree with the points in Cynthia's Memorandum for the President 3.0, easily found online, and lead #UNRIG himself. We place our ideas and our love and energy in the service of the Constitution and the Republic -- right now in Washington only two people actually represent the Constitution and the Republic: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General).

If our President can secure passage of the Election Reform Act of 2017, this does three things that are vital to our future:

01 Frees all Members of Congress from bribery and blackmail, enabling evidence-based governance in the public interest.

02 Allows the President to nationalize the central bank and impose the rule of law on all banks, ending the reign of the Rothschilds and the Vatican over us.

03 Allows the President to rapidly restructure the US Government, cutting the national security state in half while using the Open Source Agency (OSA) to redesign our economy, infrastructure, Internet, and society generally along open power principles that favor the 99% over the 1%.

Cotto: If President Trump were to ask you what you think of the current US secret intelligence leaders, what would you tell him?

Steele: Dan Coats knows nothing of substance about the craft of intelligence, is a solid member of the anti-Trump establishment, and appears to be loyal to Mike Pence, the Bushes, and the neo-conservatives led by Dick Cheney. He is also a member of a secret Christian cabal that considers itself above the law. Mike Rogers is one of the least ethical naval officers around, borders on stupid, and is in the pocket of the Deep State. Mike Pompeo is intelligent and may have good intentions but the CIA mandarins are running circles around him and laughing.  Everyone else – Stewart at DIA, Cardillo at NGA, service intelligence chiefs – are posturing mediocrities.

Cotto: If President Trump were to ask you to fix US intelligence -- both secret and open -- what would you tell him?

Steele: IMMEDIATE: Apart from political measures such as an Election Reform Act that pre-empts the violent spring planned by the Establishment and funded by George Soros, two Presidential initiatives are urgently needed: first, an Open Source (Intelligence) Agency co-located with Trump Studio and a Grand Strategy Cell in the White House space now wasted on the press; and second, a counterintelligence working group that integrates loyal NSA and FBI senior specialists to exploit the NSA database of emails and calls by elite pedophiles and traitors (Rogers may be destroying that portion of the database, this is a time-sensitive recommendation). NSA does not have authorizing legislation – the President can deconstruct this agency, to great public acclaim, with a single Executive Order. The FBI needs ethical professional leadership, not a political hack.

NEXT YEAR: Planning can be begin now for cutting CIA and DIA by 50%, NSA, NRO, NGA by 70%, inclusive of the end of all CIA drone assassination operations and regime change operations, and an end to all NSA mass surveillance. NSA’s mission can be accomplished ethically and legally. CIA can be built back up as an all-source classified collection agency with consolidated SIGINT, IMINT, and GEOINT Directorates (closing the agencies), while DIA can serve as a National Processing & Analysis Agency. The President, Cabinet, and public are best served by an Open Source Agency providing 80% of what is needed to do evidence-based governance against all threats and all policies in the context of a balanced budget rooted in true cost economics (OMB does not know how to do the latter), while the secret world is focused on secret collection that cannot be done with open sources and methods, and is relevant to the defense of the USA – we should end all foreign covert operations (e.g. regime change, drone assassination, and torture).

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