Monday, May 29, 2017

Interview: Ex-spy Robert David Steele says the "CIA has lost its moral center"

Article by Joseph Ford Cotto

People are talking a lot about espionage these days.

Whether it be certain members of America's intelligence community springing leaks at Donald Trump's expense or whatever the Russian Federation's secret services are supposed to be doing, the spy game is one of the only games in town nowadays -- at least if major media outlets are taken seriously.

"Robert David Steele is a former spy, co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, and for over 30 years, the most published intelligence reformer in the English language who has trained over 7,500 mid-career officers from across 66+ countries in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)," his biography relates. "He ran briefly for president in 2012 and is the foremost proponent, with Cynthia McKinney, for #UNRIG an effort to mobilize a public demand for an election reform act of 2017, the Unity for Integrity Act. 

"The top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with over 2,000 summary reviews at Amazon, he believes that we can and should create the World Brain and make it possible for every citizen to have access to the truth in all languages and mediums all the time. He has been an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, telling progressives that 'if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and if the Deep State is our common enemy, and if Donald Trump is an enemy of the Deep State, then Donald Trump should be our friend and lead us into battle against the Deep State.'"

Steele -- who has been nominated for a Nobel -- recently chatted with me about many issues relative to espionage in modern America. Some of our conversation is included below.


Joseph Ford Cotto: How did being a spy differ most from the James Bond-like impression untold billions have about intelligence work?

Robert David Steele: I have previously said three things about spying that are still true:

01 The top skill in spying after listening is typing -- four hours of typing for every hour of secret agent meeting.

02 Spying is in some ways like being a cop -- 90% crushing bordom and 10% sheer terror.  Picture many long hours waiting for agents to show up to a meeting in a gutter-level hotel on the edge of a slum -- and being under imminent threat of arrest while having someone else's diplomatic pouch in the trunk of your car.

03 There are seven CIAs not one, 90% of the CIA lives in a cubicle and never faces real danger, and 90% of the CIA consists of good people trapped in a bad system -- the two do not overlap exactly. A portion of CIA -- the portion involved in drone assassinations, rendition & torture, regime change operations, and individual assassination, is downright evil.

To all of this I would add my most recent statement: that the main reason we have 1,000 military bases all over the world is to facilitate CIA smuggling for the elite of gold, cash, drugs, guns, and small children -- we need to stop that and close all those overseas bases -- and repeat my long-standing statement across many books and other works: 70% or more of the secret intelligence community, and especially the NSA programs for spying on and blackmailing US politican and judges while also doing mass surveillance on the public, are downright evil and should be shut down by our President, Donald Trump.

Cotto: How was being a spy similar to the James Bond-like impression untold billions have about intelligence work?

Steele: I have never been licensed to kill nor have I been a party to an operations that led to death.  I did run a false flag operation once -- that means nothing more of less  than "not what it appeared to be." My general sense is that we rely too heavily on foreign services such as the secret police of Saudi Arabia and the Mossad for dirty work, we farm our black prisons out to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, we are morally empty, and we have no direction. CIA and the other secret agencies do not actually save the world or America, they are simply cesspools in which we grind up and flush trillions of dollars of the tax-payers money combined with trillions of dollars of money that we borrow from banks, unconstitutionally.

Cotto: What aspect of espionage did you find most rewarding?

Steele: I continue to recommend the secret intelligence world to anyone who can get accepted. 1 in 25,000 is my impression, at least for the clandestine service. We need spies and secrecy, particularly in the counterintelligence arena, but we need Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) more -- CIA has fought me on this, marginalized me, killed stories by the complicit media on my vision, paid foreign intelligence services to ignore me, because they know that my vision will cut their budget in half while increasing by 10X to 100X the amount of intelligence (decision-support)  that can be provided to the President, the Cabinet, and our front-line diplomats, aid workers, military officers, and commercial attaches. As now managed, secret intelligence is a threat to the USA, not a foundation for peace and prosperity.

There is no substitute for being inside the belly of the beast when the time comes to kill the beast. My life is dedicated to supporting our President and destroying the Deep State, restoring integrity to our government and eventually creating a prosperous world at peace for all.

Cotto: Judging from your experience with fellow operatives, do you believe that most of them entered their profession due to love of country, or were less patriotic factors principally at work?

I think in 3's and 7's. In the past, most joined for patriotic reasons. The CIA clandestine service is the absolute pinnacle of service to the Republic. However, I now realize that Wall Street created CIA -- there is no substitute for reading David Talbott's The Devil's Chessboard -- and that CIA has lost its moral center -- it has been hiring retards and criminals such as the people that led the renditiion & torture program, it co-conspires with agents of foreign powers including the Saudi and Israeli and French intelligence services who do false flag operations some of which kill American citizens, and it has lowered its standards.  CIA is now a "C-" organization in terms of the quality of its people because the "leadership" is so toxic that the best people will not stay.

True story: my 1979 class, and one other in 1982, were hired on the basis of a changed psychological profile. Instead of "go along drone  that follows orders" they went for "self-starting entrepreneur." Half my class quit within five years, I lasted nine, mostly because I did a very unusual three back-to-back tours overseas, one of them as one of two operations officers assigned terrorism as a full time target. CIA is a toxic bureaucracy in its present form, largely worthless, with a truly unconstitutional "crimes against humanity" backbone in the drone assassination, rendition & torture, and regime change arena.

True story: CIA helped Saudi Arabia and Israel create, train, and equip ISIS. ISIS is a covert operation intended to deceive and frighten the US public into supporting another ground war in the Middle East that will create more illegal immigrants, kill more US troops, and serve only the dictators of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist neo-fascist leaders of Israel (not to be confused with loyal American Jews or peace-loving Jews in Israel).

Cotto: Beyond anything else, what motivated you to join the Central Intelligence Agency?

Steele: I joined the US Marine Corps as an infantry officer, expecting a life of action, and found the Marine Corps boring and intellectually uninspiring, the USA then being in a very unusual state of peace. The CIA for me represented an opportunity to be on the front lines, at risk, and intellectually challenged very day. 

In no way do I regret my nine years at the CIA -- or my five years helping to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity -- had I not had that deep and broad experience, I would not be useful today as a champion for fixing intelligence.

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