Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Movie Review: The Boss Baby

Editor's note: This review, written by Chocolate TeddyBear, was initially published at The Moderate Voice, and has been reposted with permission. The original page can be found here.

[Taken from the Chocolate Films blogI hadn’t heard great things about The Boss Baby. To be honest, before I watched the movie the concept felt like something worthy of an SNL skit rather than a whole film.

However, The Boss Baby was a pleasant surprise. I think it helps that I have experience of working in a corporate environment and have young kids.

I also think this film takes a lot from (classic) cartoons like The RugratsHey Arnold and Recess. If you bought into those cartoons’ ‘kids with an overactive imagination premise’ then The Boss Baby will hit the mark.

The central relationship between Alec Baldwin’s Boss Baby and Miles Bakshi’s Tim is excellent – I’m talking stellar character development that shouldn’t be ignored. Because that relationship is so strong, the leaps of faith needed to buy the final act of the film didn’t do major damage to my enjoyment of the film.

Back to Baldwin – what a year he is having! I do think you need to have some knowledge of Baldwin’s past works to understand why his casting in this film is a masterstroke. I don’t think the Boss Baby character would work if another actor was in that role.

It could be that I’m going soft, but as someone who has only sisters, I bought into this film’s brotherhood theme – that is more than I could say about anything from Fast and Furious franchise.

So yeh, The Boss Baby is well worth your time.

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