Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Sub Rosa Manuscript by Barry Kelly

From the blurb:

Matthew Huntley believed he could handle one more tough assignment. He had no idea this one would be the hardest yet. Nor did he know that breaking his oath of silence to the Council of Advisors would be necessary to preserve the American way of life.
Barry Kelly gathered the material for this book over a lifetime of involvement in Cold War issues and the study of politics and power. His assignments with the CIA gave him opportunities for experiencing life in socialist and communist nations. He understands the uniqueness of America and the need for constant vigilance by the citizens to protect and maintain the structure and form of government handed down from our founders. Two years in the Reagan White House as a Special Assistant to President Reagan added reality to his understanding of the politics of governing. Reading "The Sub Rosa Manuscript" will shed a penetrating light into the opaqueness of the ‘transformation’ process and illuminate how far its step-by-step approach has moved our country on the path to socialism and a diminishing world role. It is a wake-up call for all of us. The message in these pages applies to governments of the left or right, now or in the future. This is not a book the progressive administration would want to have broad exposure. The CIA took more than four months to approve this book for publication under their charter to protect classified information. There was no classified information, only hundreds of pages of ‘not politically correct’ material.

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